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- Japanese calligraphy YURUMOJI -

Japanese YURUMOJI has a mechanism that heals your mind and body simply by writing or looking at it.

Benefits of writing YURUMOJI

Writing YURUMOJI calms my mind and gives me energy.
People who see your YURUMOJI feel peace and vitality.
Giving Yurumoji can heal and cheer up your loved ones.
You can have unique and unusual hobbies.
If you become a Yurumoji instructor, you can contribute to society and earn more income.

Looking for overseas instructors

The "YURUMOJI" was born at the time of the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011.

I am Kazunori Kawashima, the representative of the International Yuruyaka Association.
In my daily life, I run a company whose main job is to take care of people's minds and bodies.

I can't forget March 2011 when the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred.
At that time, images of the damage that made us want to cover our eyes were broadcasted on TV every day, leaving a deep impact.

I live in Shiga, so it was the disaster in a faraway area, but most of the clients of our salon experienced an accident.

I decided to start "YURUMOJI", becouse of an incident that happened to many of our clients.
I hope that "YURUMOJI" will heal the client's mind & body.

At that time, the word "YURUMOJI" did not yet exist in the world.
The history of "yurumoji" began from there.

To continue the story more…

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